First day on new project and I didn’t get there until 1pm

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I don’t like to moan – okay, perhaps I do – and I don’t tend to have a rant unless I’m royally miffed off.

Well this week it happened. Firstly, I need to apologise to the lovely gentleman who I sat next to on the train to London.

Alarm bells also started to ring when they offered free food and drink from the trolley cart

His name was Lewis and by the time we arrived at Waterloo, not only did the poor fella have to listen to me go on about the commute to London, but we also swapped life stories.

He didn’t have much of a choice really. The train seats are ridiculously close together, so we chatted the whole way to London and he listened politely as I moaned about the disastrous time I’d had commuting to work.

On Monday, the first day back at ITN working on a new project, I headed in to work on the early train.

But as I pulled into Petersfield station (I now drive to Petersfield because I can’t stand being on the train any longer than an hour) the train pulled away just as I arrived. I missed it by 20 seconds.

Thirty minutes later and I got on the next train.

But just as we passed Woking it came to an abrupt halt.

After 15 minutes everyone started wondering what was going on.

Then there was an announcement to say there had been an incident further up the line and we were likely to be there for at least an hour.

Now I’ve commuted a long time, so I know darn well when they say ‘at least an hour’ they actually mean you can double that.

Alarm bells also started to ring when they offered free food and drink from the trolley cart.

Once the train crawled to the next stop at Surbiton, I decided to take my chances and get off, hoping the bus and Tube would get me there quicker.

Well they didn’t.

I arrived on my first day at work on a new project at 1pm, having spent a grand total of five hours trying to get there!

I can only thank a lovely lady called Amanda, who got off with me and was going to exactly the same part of London, for keeping me sane.

By the end of our nightmare journey, we’d swapped numbers and e-mail addresses!