First trip to the dentist was fine

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Caitlin has a lovely healthy smile.

This week she had her first ever visit to the dentist in the hope that we can keep it that way.

Of course, just like adults, children also have their good and bad days where they can be irritable and grumpy.

I was hoping the dentist trip wasn’t going to be one of those days and that Caitlin would be in a good frame of mind when visiting this whole new world that would continue every six months for the rest of her life.

I was curious how she would react to sitting in the dentist’s chair and having a stranger poke around in her mouth.

I imagined some sort of screaming tantrum and having to engage in a bit of bribery with a bar of chocolate to get her into position.

To my surprise, there was no need for any bribery at all as when the dentist started to chat to her, she soon relaxed and allowed for her teeth to be inspected.

Things haven’t changed since my childhood dentist visits – you still get a sticker from the dentist to wear with pride.