Fishy business out on the open waters

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Ahoy there, Chipsters. Batten down the hatches because I’ve been out on the waters this week.

That’s right, old Chipper here has a mate who spends a lot of time out at sea and, this week, I decided to join him. His master does a lot of fishing you see, and my pal Max goes out to help him.

He’s a Schipperke dog, which means ‘Little Captain’ in Flemish, so naturally he’s a great dog to have on a boat. He helps his master out every week by helping haul in the nets. He’s also a super swimmer and has a keen eye for trouble-making seagulls.

I, on the other hand, am not so skilled on the seas, and so had to wear my very own doggy life jacket. As we set sail, the engine made an almighty roar, sending a mass of frothing water trailing behind us. As we sped off towards the horizon, we were misted by salty sea water, my tongue catching every drop as it hung from my mouth, my fur blown in all directions by the wind.

By the time we got to our fishing spot I looked less like a dog and more like a big ball of tumbleweed. But I didn’t mind, I was having too much fun helping Max and his master, pulling in nets full of delicious fish and trying not to knock the worm bucket over with my excited tail, which was wagging like mad!

Must dash for this week friends. Wimbledon may be over, but I’m carrying on the sporting spirit with this excellent picture of a tennis player, coloured in by Connor Brown. Good work, Connor. Keep your work coming in to me, Chipsters!

Chip chip for now. Chipper