Flaky way to eat an ice cream

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Now at the ages of four and five, I thought that my daughters would have learned how to eat an ice cream correctly. But I was wrong.

It’s summer, which means the chimes of the ice cream van are heard regularly outside our house.

My girls are now too clever to believe me when I tell them the chimes mean the ice cream man has run out of ice cream.

When they finally get hold of an ice cream with a chocolate flake and raspberry sauce drizzled over the top, the contents don’t always end up at their intended destination.

Sometimes, between licks, they forget they need to hold their treat upright or the ice cream tumbles off its cone.

They also need to realise they can’t take their time and savour every single mouthful because the ice cream will melt.

However, the most important piece of advice that I need to pass on is that before they give daddy a cuddle, they should wipe their mouths.

I never did get that ice cream stain out of my shirt.