Flight proves you’re never too old to fulfil your dreams

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So Carol Vorderman is set to prove there’s more to her than being a whizz at mathematics and a presenter on Loose Women.

The TV personality and flying fanatic has recently made aviation history as the first person to perform their inaugural solo flight live on television as myself and millions of others watched in awe on ITV’s This Morning show.

Not content with that, the plucky lass has now just announced she wants to take things one gigantic step further and is to attempt to fly 29,000 miles around the world solo (as you do) in a bid to follow in the trail of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.

Amelia was the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. Tragically, just a few years later in 1937, she mysteriously vanished over the central Pacific on her bid to fly around the world.

Hull-born Amy Johnson was another daring young woman whom, like Carol, was introduced to flying just as a hobby.

She was the first to fly alone on an epic journey from Britain to Australia at the age of 26.

She died in 1941 when she was lost over the Thames Estuary after baling out during a mission to deliver an Airspeed Oxford aeroplane.

Technology has come a long way since those early days, though.

Our Carol will spend the next year in an intensive training programme learning aerobatics, rough terrain landings and dealing with fatigue.

She will also have to be taught how to fly in thick cloud before she can even begin her solo adventure.

It’s a risky feat with more than an element of danger to it. Hats off to you Carol. I salute your braveness, you are an inspiration to all womankind and have shown you’re never too old to learn a new skill and fulfil your dreams.

I hope that a charity sponsorship page is going to be set up as I’ll be first in line to pledge some dosh.

I actually have a slight phobia about flying and have never been in a plane. I can’t even fly a kite!

But I have to say that if a handsome Mr Darcy-type gentleman wanted to whisk me away for a romantic weekend abroad, I might be persuaded to take to their air