Food on the go, no shower - who says TV is glamorous?

What a week. As well as going through pretty much all the seasons weather-wise as I've driven up and down the country for work, I've also gone through a whole range of emotions.

Friday, 22nd April 2016, 6:01 am

I know I’m a dramatic type of person anyway, but you know the kind of weeks you have when one thing after another happens?

I’ve been away filming and interviewing people who have had serious accidents that were caught on camera.

Fortunately they’re still here to tell the tale and it really has been an eye-opener.

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I met a local lad from Southsea who was in a serious snowboarding accident in the French Alps and was filming on his GoPro at the time when it happened.

I’m always so humbled at how people open the doors to their homes and let a TV crew in to tell their story.

It’s been one of those weeks where we quite literally haven’t stopped.

Since leaving on Monday I haven’t had a single proper lunch or dinner. It’s been a case of eating whilst we’ve been driving to and from places.

I was so desperate to just have a nice hot shower and wash my hair on Wednesday.

But then a colleague knocked on my door and declared that we simply didn’t have time and that we had to leave right there and then.

Who says working in TV is glamorous?

When I eventually walked back into my auntie’s house where we’re currently living on Wednesday evening at 9pm, hubby Matt gave me a quick hug and declared ‘oh love, you don’t look or smell well – are you okay?’.

I wanted to hug and punch him in equal measures.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this point, so I headed upstairs for a shower – to find that there was no hot water.

I had to sit perched on the edge of the bed (Matt wasn’t too keen on the idea of me lolloping all over it) until there was enough hot water for me to wash myself clean.

If I was a bit tatty this week, God knows what I’ll be like next week after a full week’s shoot in Cornwall!


All is apparently not well in the Kardashian clan.

Brody Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner’s son, has reportedly said that the Kardashians aren’t his family.

Now, as his dad (who was Bruce and is now Caitlyn) and stepmum Kris have split up, you could argue that this is indeed the case.

But given how the family have spent years portraying their bond and closeness on TV, this dramatic U-turn seems a little strange. I wonder what has gone on behind closed doors?

Brody himself isn’t shy of being at the centre of the media spotlight, having appeared as a reality star on MTV’s The Hills.

So perhaps he’s used to creating a publicity storm that will get everyone’s tongues wagging…mine included!


On top of an already difficult week filming, I was involved in a minor car collision in central London.

After passing several buses that were en route to Kingston (my married name!), my colleague and I got pushed off the outside lane as we fought our way through peak-time London traffic.

A large truck refused to give way, despite a bus approaching us on the other side of the road, forcing us into a stalemate position where we couldn’t go anywhere.

The next thing we know the truck driver has taken the wing mirror clean off our company car and hurtled up the road without so much as a glance back.

You know the old saying ‘how bad can it be?’.

Well, that bad…that’s all I can say.