For once my attempts at DIY were flushed with success

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There is something ultimately satisfying about a bit of DIY, isn’t there?

If you’re a plumber, or are married to one, I suggest you stop reading now as this will probably make you overheat and burst out in steam.

But yes, I’m about to advocate DIY plumbing via a little help from the internet.

The weekend had got off to a bad start, with DIY mechanics failing spectacularly to jump-start the car.

Although it did give me a great idea for a murder mystery story – death by crocodile clips.

Cars are just too complicated for me. It took me about 20 minutes just to get the plastic casing off the engine.

Who knew that engines these days come wrapped in more plastic than a supermarket pizza?

I have to admit that’s actually kind of embarrassing, as I’ve now had my car for two years and hadn’t once looked under the bonnet.

I prefer to leave it to others – specifically my garage.

But while I’m frightened of my car’s innards, for some reason I’m not frightened of household pipes.

They make sense to me. They carry water in and take waste away. That’s it really.

This week’s plumbing problem was no cold water on the whole top floor of the house.

It was only when I was rinsing my mouth after a teeth clean that I realised the cold was gone.

It was like a moment from Frozen, except the other way around.

A quick whizz around the internet revealed many things to me. One, I had four options before calling for professional help.

One of them was tapping on the pipes, while another was sucking any potential air bubbles out of the system.

Hoovering the taps didn’t work, fishing around the tank didn’t work, but a reverse hosepipe through the system ended spectacularly successfully.

Job done, money saved.

The internet and its advice may be a professional’s worst nightmare, but for once my journey into the world of DIY was flushed with success.