Force is right to go after the mindless motorists

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Stand beside any busy road for a few minutes and start counting.

You can guarantee it will not be long before you have racked up a considerable score – of people using their mobile phones while behind the wheel.

Some will be chatting, others peering down into their laps trying to text. None of them is concentrating on guiding a potentially lethal lump of metal along the road.

We’ve all followed them on motorways. They’re the ones with one hand on the wheel and a complete disregard for the words ‘lane discipline’.

And it is not only in towns or on the motorways where you will find these anti-social menaces. Rural roads are just as bad if not worse. For some reason drivers think quieter roads give them carte blanche to browse the internet or check football scores...without a moment’s thought for the blind bend ahead.

So we can all be pleased today at Hampshire Constabulary’s decision to crack down on the mobile-using motorist – and the drink-driver, those who refuse to belt up and those who speed.

The police have dubbed them the ‘fatal four’ – the quartet of appalling driving habits most likely to cause death or serious injury.

The News has run its own anti-drink-driving campaign – Steer Clear – at Christmas for the past decade in an attempt to cut the carnage on our roads over the festive period.

We like to think it’s made an impression but, as the police will tell you, nothing seems to deter the hard core of drivers who think they are immune from the law, whether it’s not wearing a seat belt or driving at 95mph.

What Chief Inspector Andy Bottomley says today is nothing new and it is sad he has to keep repeating it. But he is right.

He explains: ‘We are in a position where lives are being lost or heavily impacted by collisions which could be prevented by a bit of common sense and consideration.’

So, today and every day, if you drive then remember – don’t drink, text, or put your foot down. And belt up.