Forecaster Fish must rue the day he hung up his kipper tie

COMMENT: A move in the right direction but still not a win for all

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Regular readers will know this column has become an enthusiastic repository of meteorological jargon – and the lexicon grows ever longer thanks to the extremely weird weather which has beset these islands in recent years.

Hardly had the ‘beast from the east’ had us reaching for our thermals, than a much-heralded ‘snow bomb’ exploded over mid-Wales.

But they are mere bagatelle compared to latest phenomenon to come rolling in from the Atlantic – ‘thundersnow.’

The very name conjures up images of big, black clouds belching out flakes the size of dinner plates as lightning illuminates a fearsome sky.

It’s all too exciting – and poor old Michael Fish must be ruing the day he hung up his kipper tie for the last time.