Forget Asda, I’m teaching my son to say the word Ferrari

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I wonder what my 15-week-old son Freddie’s first word will be?

It’s a while off yet, but already he is cooing and chatting away to us, with many smiles to lighten our day.

I catch my wife Sarah saying ‘mumma, mumma, mumma, mumma’ over and over again to him.

What a cheat. I retort with a barrage of ‘dadda, dadda, dadda, dadda’.

Poor little lad, he doesn’t know what to say!

My favourite story is about the parents who were furious with a child’s grandmother. Thanks to her interfering, their daughter’s first word was ‘Asda’!

Well it did make the papers and they got some free shopping. So now I’m now teaching Freddie to say ‘Ferrari’.