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The summer holidays are coming. Have you got yours sorted? So how are you getting to your holiday destination then? Flying?

It’s interesting to hear that more and more people are turning their backs on flying.

Apparently, we see flying as being more stressful than work or moving house. When our holiday starts, we want to relax, not stress about getting there.

Now you may have read before that I really do not like flying. Anxiety gets the better of me and no matter what methods I use to control it, it doesn’t work.

For me, I want to look forward to my holiday, not dread it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried it on several occasions, but it just isn’t me.

The whole experience means that I don’t even enjoy the holiday when I get there!

Then I have to consider the person I travel with and how I could ruin their holiday.

How would you feel if your travel companion had to be taken off an Orlando -bound plane after a panic attack?

Luckily I was with someone very caring and understanding, otherwise I would have been left on the Tarmac at Gatwick!

But why are so many fliers deciding not to go by air any more?

I have friends catching a ferry to France this year with their camper van to go touring around the Vendee.

Other friends who have a villa in Spain are taking a two-week cruise from Southampton just to escape the hassle of flying.

So what’s so bad about it? Well after negotiating the M25, finding somewhere to park, paying for somewhere to park, checking in, waiting for hours for your plane (which may well be delayed) to leave, you have the worry of your luggage being lost and then missing the long transfer in a coach driven by Alain Prost when you finally get there.

And did I mention all those hidden charges that will really bump up the price?

No wonder cruises are booming from Southampton and Brittany Ferries now has two big ships sailing to Spain.

We want to fine dine our way to holiday and stroll open promenade decks. Not be treated like cattle and end up in a tin can way up in the sky!