Forget Ghostbusters - I’m having a Phantom instead

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You know the saying ‘don’t let a man do a woman’s job’?

It may be regarded as a little sexist in today’s society, but this week it was proved to me when discussing some finer details of our forthcoming wedding.

The one thing I asked Matt to organise for our big day was the car. That’s because, in all honesty, I wasn’t initially that fussed about what car we’d be having.

But having organised almost everything else, I discovered that the car was still not booked.

We were round at Matt’s dad and step-mum’s house having their famous ‘Susie roast’ (to die for, by the way, and not at all good for the pre-wedding diet but worth every calorie) when Matt and his brother, Luke, started looking online at wedding car ideas.

They were laughing their heads off and acting like little boys.

Meanwhile I’m slowly starting to panic and wondering what on earth might be picking me up to take me to the church.

You have to realise that Matt originally wanted to dress up as a chicken and go down the aisle on a skateboard.

I suggested (although finding it hilarious) that this might be seen as making a mockery of the church.

Anyway, his dad started getting in on the action and looked up and said ‘Yes, but Matt – who are you going to call?’

Now anyone who knows me knows damn well that I’m a movie fanatic, so this line wasn’t lost on me.

They were looking at a Ghostbusters car!

Matt wanted me to arrive at the church in a 1959 replica of the car which helped fight big green ghosts in the movie.

As funny as this would have been (although not quite the sophistication I had hoped for), it would have cost a staggering amount.

So I took matters into my own hands (as any good woman would) and got in touch with a local luxury wedding car supplier.

Guess what we’ve got as our main transport? Only a brilliant white Rolls Royce Phantom – just like Mr Simon Cowell has!

Yeah, baby – I may not be a celebrity, but I’m certainly going to act like one on our big day.