Forget the film and get your head round fascinating facts

Don't worry children, it won't hurt a bit...

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So the Yanks will be back soon. At the end of May the giant American aircraft carrier USS George H W Bush will anchor off Stokes Bay.

Then 5,000 US naval staff will be on leave and will descend on Gunwharf Quays and Guildhall Walk for merriment.

Ladies will scream with excitement at thoughts of the movie An Officer And A Gentlemen, but let me ruin it all for you with a few fascinating facts.

This incredible ship weighs 105,000 tonnes, dwarfing 20,000-tonne HMS Ark Royal. She’s 1,092ft long and there is 37 feet of the ship underwater.

Then there’s the speed of 30 knots or 35 mph. Incredible. See, told you I’d ruin it!