Frankie, your attempt at humour’s just not funny

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Of course we understand that entertainment can be all about pushing boundaries.

In the case of comedy, shock value is often seen as a powerful way of getting your message across and making people sit up and listen.

But surely the main reason for a comedian to say something is that it’s funny.

In the case of Frankie Boyle’s extremely offensive comments about the children of Bay House School in Gosport, humour doesn’t come into it.

Writing in his column in The Sun about the pupils’ attempt to set a world record by arranging themselves in the shape of a huge Olympic rings logo, he sneeringly labelled their effort ‘the most autistic response to a global sporting event’.

But he wasn’t finished there. Far from it.

He added: ‘For the kids of Gosport, learning how to stand bewildered in a blue jumper is all they need to qualify them for a life of working in 99p stores.’

And there was more. We can’t tell you the exact details because this is a family newspaper, but the comments about the children were of a sexual nature.

We know he will be unrepentant. He loves to outrage and will probably regard the reaction to his so-called witticisms as a success.

No doubt he’ll also be rubbing his hands with glee at the publicity we are giving him by reporting this story.

But we have to agree with Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage, who was among those who took part in the world record attempt on April 30.

She called Mr Boyle spiteful and pathetic for belittling the school’s achievement. Quite right.

She and the Gosport Borough Council leader, Councillor Mark Hook, have invited him to visit the town to dispel his obvious misconceptions.

He won’t come, of course. Having hurled his insults, he will already be on to his next defenceless target.

But if he has to stoop so low to try to raise a laugh, then we have a message for him on behalf of everybody in Gosport.

Frankie, you’re just not funny.