Fratton Park, Queen Elizabeth and four pints '“ not quite the perfect Saturday: Rick Jackson

I have finally come to the conclusion that my pub crawling days are well and truly over, especially when you consider that four pints was enough to leave me with a head-spinning, two-day hangover!

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 5:43 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:13 pm
HMS Queen Elizabeth leaving Portsmouth last Saturday. Picture: Shaun Roster Photography

I would certainly never consider myself a lightweight because I do enjoy a drink. But mixed with early starts and two children, those days now look like they've hit the buffers.

And what a Saturday it was.

It was very much like going back to the days before children'¦ and a wife for that matter.

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I went over on the 1.30pm Gosport ferry, hopped on to the train for Fratton station and then walked up to Fratton Park.

It's a route I've taken thousands of times in the past but work and family commitments meant this was only my sixth visit since children came along.

The match was brilliant. Pompey won 4-1 and I saw enough to feel we could compete for automatic promotion this season. Yes OK, it's early days I know, but we looked good.

Back on the train and then perfect timing, HMS Queen Elizabeth was leaving so I got the perfect view from the ferry as I headed back to Gosport.

After a cheeky McDonald's, I met up with my mate and off we went for a few beers, including a visit to Gosport's first micropub and craft beer bar, which was brilliant.

We said our goodbyes and catching a bus home meant I was back well before midnight, very respectable.

However, something clearly didn't agree with me because I woke up on the sofa in the conservatory at 5.30am.

The room was spinning so I hauled myself up to bed only to find both children taking up my spot. Wrongly, I got into my two-year-old's bed. Schoolboy error.

At 6.30am they were jumping up and down on my head.

Any chance of sleeping it off disappeared. A long, painful day was ahead and I struggled to get through it.

By 9pm I was in bed. My alarm went off for work at 4.30am and I still felt rough. Either I forgot I'm not 21 any more, or maybe I need to steer clear of strong ales?

How times have changed.

We are still so proud to be associated with Royal Navy

I was filled with pride not only for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but also for Gosport as thousands lined Falkland Gardens and The Esplanade to wave off the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth as she sailed for the United States.

Sometimes we forget Gosport has a rich naval heritage too. Thousands on this side of the harbour have helped keep the Royal Navy going for centuries.

The numbers cheering her on both sides of the harbour show how proud we are of our navy and the vital role we still play as the fourth biggest naval power in the world.

The way some media bash our navy, you'd think we were behind the Faroe Islands rather than Russia, China and America.

Should I be replaced by a glamour model when I'm off?

I did have a laugh when I found out my friend, also a radio presenter but in Kent, is having his week off covered by glamour model Kelly Brook.

We started together on the Isle of Wight in the early '90s and he's been hosting his breakfast show for nigh on 20 years. It seems radio bosses feel TV and gossip column personalities make good radio presenters, but live radio soon reveals if you have any real personality. You can't hide behind scripts and clever editing.

Meanwhile I've complained to my boss. When I'm on holiday I'm covered by Mark Collins and his magnificent beard. Maybe I should demand Lucy Pinder or Melinda Messenger next time I'm off?