Fratton warriors don’t deserve stick

Pompey's Joel Ward takes on Boro
Pompey's Joel Ward takes on Boro
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I’m not going to go criticising and laying into players for not beating Middlesbrough at home.

These things happen – it doesn’t give anyone a reason to start having a go.

To get a win you need eight of the players performing to the top 95 per cent of their ability.

When it is down to four or five players performing near their max, a result like this happens. That’s just how it works.

Yes, I thought we looked a little bit flat, yes not enough chances were created.

But I’m not complaining. A few weeks ago who would have thought we would be safe from the threat of relegation?

Nobody should be criticised after the work those players have put in to get away from the danger zone.

Do fans want to be biting their fingernails with relegation still looming towards the end of the season?

Or do they want safety already and occasions when we get bored with the remainder of the campaign?

You cannot play well every game – that is both individually and as a group. It happens in football.

Having said that, we still had more of the game and could have won it.

I also don’t buy into talk of the players being ‘tired’ after so many games recently, with so many mid-week fixtures.

It can be a factor but it is very minimal.

They get rest between games and every aspect of their physical being is monitored, there is no hiding place.

They should be able to cope.

In the past you were trusted to look after yourself – and some didn’t.

Regardless, physically and mentally, you don’t always work at the same capacity, no matter what job you do for a living.

You just need enough people to hit the right note.

If that doesn’t happen you will get poor results.

Just think, victory at Leicester next weekend and all the talk will be about the play-offs again!