Free drinks and celebrities at the OK! Christmas party

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There is a lesson to be learned from what I’ve been up to this week – don’t go to a celebrity party in London, drink all the free alcohol and then crawl home to Portsmouth in the early hours of the morning only to have to jump back on a train and return to the capital just a few hours later.

‘Stop being tight Cheryl and book a hotel room,’ is what I’ve been telling myself following the brilliant party I went to.

I was invited to OK! magazine’s official Christmas party. Goodness knows why they invited little ol’ me, but of course it would have been rude to say no.

So I snapped their hands off and went with bells on. I also managed to blag two tickets for my sister, Michelle, and best friend, Denise, who somehow end up coming along to every single event I ever go to. Honestly, talk about tagging along. Hee, hee only kidding.

I actually loved them coming with me and, if nothing else, I needed someone to take my piccies with the celebrities. Thanks Denise.

My ‘unofficial’ father-in-law is going to be very upset with me that I had my photo taken with his favourite person, Kerry Katona.

I couldn’t resist though. There she was in the VIP section, so I marched straight up to her and requested a photo. That, my friends, is how it’s done.

None of this ‘oh I couldn’t possibly, they’re celebrities’. Erm, they’re just people and you can’t claim the fame without putting in some effort for us mere mortals.

Kerry was nice enough, though. I also met and had my pic taken with The Risk from this year’s X Factor, who were really lovely. Then there was Lauren Goodger from TOWIE, Lucien from Big Brother and, wait for it, Lee from Steps. I know, I know, impressive eh?

It was a fab night and somehow I always get roped into being the one to bring the free alcohol back to the table – clearly Michelle and Denise don’t think I have any shame.

I guess they’re right. I think I managed to get about eight free drinks each and a luxury goody-bag from the night, so not bad. ‘Worth the train fare,’ they told me – oh well, as long as you’re happy ladies!

Good times… until the following day.