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Does fun really have to cost so much money?

I’ve been doing some research into places across Portsmouth and the south where I can take my children to have a great time but without my wallet getting lighter, because for parents summer can be expensive.

For those days when we’re basking in bright sunshine, there are the many beautiful beaches on the south coast.

On my Heart radio show recently I asked my listeners who has the best beach in the area. There was lots of love for West Wittering beach, apparently a great place for fish and chips by the sea.

Hayling Island beaches were also popular with people loving the calm and chilled atmosphere.

Both of these I haven’t visited since I was a child, so it will be nice to take my children for a few hours of making sandcastles and getting their feet 
wet. It will also be a change from our local, Southsea beach.

Another great place to head for during summer is Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

We took my daughters there last year on a warm summer’s day and although they were unimpressed with the amount of walking and trees, children are catered for well and they were pleased when they discovered many play areas among the trees.

They ended up having a great time.

Without leaving the island there are the many play parks in Portsmouth to enjoy.

A favourite of my daughters’ is the Baffins Pond area.

One minute they can be feeding the ducks and watching the swans swim in the tranquil pond with the sunshine bouncing off the water, and the next climbing to the peak of that massive metal slide in the park and propelling themselves forward to reach the bottom.

It’s always busy and enjoyed 
by many families and children in Portsmouth, including mine.

Another great place to take the children that won’t cost a single penny is the splash pool next to Hilsea Lido at Hilsea.

How fantastic to have an outdoor pool that is perfect for the little ones in summer.

It’s also great to see that Hilsea Lido, enjoyed my families in the area for generations, is back open.

What a great job the team has done to restore it and bring it into the 21st century.

So it seems there is plenty to do in this area with the children during summer that won’t require punching your pin number into a credit card machine.

I feel really lucky to be a parent in a city that caters for children so well.

Let’s just hope the weather stays pleasant so we can take advantage of the free fun and if it does rain, well that’s what the Frozen DVD is for.