From bra bulges to binned bogofs

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Ladies, do you suffer from bazoompah overspill? No, not your cleavage, but those unsightly underarm bulges that overhang the side of your bra.

Well, M&S has come up with the ‘Flatter Me’ bra that is constructed with extra side panels to push ALL your bosom to the front.

It’s inspired by TV’s Mad Men and catwalk trends and an M&S spokesperson said: ‘Everyone wants that 1950s profile, a voluptuous figure with a nipped in waist.’

Mmm, from what I saw on Southsea seafront on Sunday, most Brit babes (including myself) are going more for the ‘let it all hang out’ look.

Now to bogofs, those buy-one-get-one-free supermarket offers.

According to the Local Government Association, bogofs are contributing to the £13.7bn of wasted fresh produce every year

We the consumer are always looking for a bargain. To save money, we buy Bogofs, but in many cases we never get to eat the ‘free’ product because of the short sell-by-date. Instead, we end up dumping it.

Oh dear, I’ve done this, as I expect some of you have as well.

The British Retail Consortium which speaks for supermarkets, say we shoppers are smart and know a bargain. I agree, but we need to double check the ‘eat by’ dates, folks, or our ‘free’ bargain could end up in the bin.

And you believe in ‘voices’ from beyond the grave? I was reading a recent newspaper interview with star TV psychic Sally Morgan. In 2008 I chatted to Sally for two hours and I found her great fun, and her theatre show very entertaining.

But, being in the spooky sisterhood myself, and having seen many different stage and TV psychic mediums, I have an issue.

I’ve often wondered if the stage medium is really ‘tuned into the other side’, or just ‘tuned in’ psychically to the audience participant for information.

As the newspaper article asked, when spirits ‘visit’ on stage, why don’t they give their full names?

Makes you think.