From fleecy PJs to stunning scenery - why I love autumn

Woodland areas are a blaze of colour
Woodland areas are a blaze of colour

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It’s definitely much darker and gloomier in the mornings now. Getting out of bad is harder as there’s a bit of a nip in the air.

It’s not all bad though if, like me, you embrace this season of pumpkin and gingerbread lattes, woolly jumpers, apple-picking and conker fights.

Whilst summer may leave you nice and bronzed, you also end up dripping with sweat each time you venture out

Yes, this girl loves the crunch of leaves under her foot.

All the different seasons have their perks, but none is quite like autumn when you can whip out those sweaters and Ugg boots from the attic. It’s definitely the best time to don your most fashionable attire.

I also find that sleeping is much better in autumn.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to snooze in the summer months when it’s hot and muggy. You throw the windows wide open and it still doesn’t feel any cooler.

But at this time of year you can put on a pair of your fleecy-lined PJs and cosy up on the sofa in front of an open fire with a good book.

My very favourite thing, though, is the feel of fresh brushed cotton sheets on the bed and cuddling a hot water bottle whilst the rain is beating down outside.

Everything is so much prettier to look at outside. Woodland areas are a blaze of colours – orange, russet and gold. The changing foliage of the trees creates the most beautiful scenery.

Whilst summer may leave you nice and bronzed, you also end up dripping with sweat each time you venture out.

TV programmes are better in autumn too. There’s The X Factor, I’m A Celebrity and Sunday dramas.

Autumn is also a perfect time to cast aside that diet and enjoy your favourite foods.

You can hide the result of those extra calories under layers of clothing. No-one’s going to notice you’ve put on a few pounds.

Well that’s my theory anyway. Plus you’ve got plenty of time to get back in shape and lose that weight before next summer.

Then there’s Halloween, the ideal excuse to dress up in your scariest or sexiest outfit.

But the absolute best thing about this time of year is that panto is just around the corner. Oh yes it is!