From foils to dirty air and Code One - I learned a lot

America's Cup World Series action
America's Cup World Series action
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Wasn’t there a lot of grumbling about the America’s Cup organisation and some of the rules and regs?

I did find the ‘no food and drink’ a bit much though.

After revealing my complete lack of knowledge with the pointy things, I didn’t want to get my codes in a muddle

My teenage son and his friends went for the day. I hoped they’d be inspired by the sport and the spectacle, but they lasted just 20 minutes after seeing their sustenance binned. They left for somewhere in Commercial Road where they could afford to buy grub with their meagre pocket money.

I had a lovely day on the Saturday, catching the sail-by from the Gosport ferry, which was pretty cool.

I walked to the site, listening to the hustle and bustle of many people expecting a great event, meeting people from all over the country in the to-be-searched queue grumbling about their picnics, and then watching from the beach where people talked to each other without a formal introduction.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the older gentleman who positioned himself by a boulder to hold the hand of any ladies who were stepping down to the pebbles.

And as for the racing? Well, that went by in a blur as I learned useful words such as ‘foils’.

Who knew that the pokey bits upon which the boat sits proudly out of the water were foils? Not me.

Nor did I know that boats could steal each other’s wind, leaving ‘dirty air’ behind them. That phrase certainly has a different meaning in our house.

Another new one on me was ‘Code One’ – apparently a type of sail that needs to come in and out very quickly to avoid losing wind.

There might also have been a few ‘Code Zeros’ in there – it was quite complex, but after revealing my complete lack of knowledge with the pointy things, I didn’t want to get my codes in a muddle.

The thing that really amazed me was the occasional live feed I heard coming in over the mikes from one of the boats – I think it was Benny boy’s.

I didn’t hear a single F word. And after finding on my own sailing adventures that you’re lucky to get any other word, I reckon that in itself is an immense success.