From Meat Loaf meat loaf to Joe Cocker throat lozenges

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Diversify or die is a slogan farmers know well. When competition decimated the price of livestock, farmers flogged paintballing and alpaca wool instead.

Now that albums sell for 80p on iTunes, musicians face the same plight.

Elbow have responded by selling their own brand of ale. Liam Gallagher designs his own clothing range and Kiss offer a nice line in coffins.

But I don’t think this trend has yet been mined to its fullest potential.

Is there a curvy woman in the country who could resist a pair of Beth Ditto Spanx? Move over Fisherman’s Friend, it’s Joe Cocker throat lozenges we want. And what would put the roses back in every hungry goth’s cheeks?

Meat Loaf meat loaf, of course.