From Olympic glory to the sadness of losing Whitney

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Happy new year to you all. What an honour to be writing my column on this, the very first day of 2013.

So how was 2012 for you? It was a cracking year to fly the flag, what with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, where we showed our love and appreciation for our dear monarch.

Her six decades of loyalty and devotion were celebrated with a flotilla on the Thames with lots of boats and then a slightly weird concert that made us a little sad that Prince Philip was taken poorly and not able to attend.

The event concluded with Her Majesty spending 11 minutes on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, waving madly at a crowd of overly-excited people below.

It all obviously affected Prince Harry, who later went a bit wild in a Las Vegas hotel room and showed us his own crown jewels!

The Olympic and Paralympic Games in London brought us the greatest shows on earth. Huge numbers lined the streets for the torch relay, then we all got wrapped up in the actual events as Brits got gold after gold.

It was that enthusiasm that helped to make them the most awesome,inspiring Olympic and Paralympic Games ever.

Last year did have its melancholy moments, though.We lost a great talent in Whitney Houston.

I grew up listening to Whitney. She had a voice like no other. Why does success seem to put great talents on a path to self-destruction? And why did no-one take her aside and try to help her sort out her problems?

Another star who left us was Larry ‘JR’ Hagman, the iconic star of Dallas.

JR Ewing was my favourite character, the ultimate baddie. I’ve always been drawn to bad boys, but the problem is that none of them have been rich oil barons!

On to 2013 and there’s already something fabulous to look forward to with the exciting news that there’s a royal baby on the way.

I hope that if it’s a girl, Wills and Kate don’t feel under pressure to name her Diana. It’s a lovely choice for a second name, but personally I feel she should have her own identity

Anyhow, it’ll be a perfect opportunity to have another right royal knees-up.