Fun beer names can get you into embarrassing situations

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I love the quirky names we give to our villages, food and beers in the UK.

Drink-wise, there are Badger’s Mount, Stinking Bishop and Fuggle-Dee-Dum to name but a few.

But they can get you into embarrassing situations.We recently walked down the road to enjoy the Gosport Real Ale and Music Festival.

Like a bet on the horses, I went for the best beer names.

After the fireworks, an excellent band played. The thirsty singer took a mighty swig and held up his pint.

‘Invincible’ he shouted.

‘Pressed Rat and Warthog’ replied the guitarist.

‘Old Dick’ I shouted, holding aloft my half-pint of ale from Gosport’s Oakleaf brewery.

We left soon after.