Funny man Lee always has me in stitches at his show

HILARIOUS: Comedian Lee Evans is on tour with his new show
HILARIOUS: Comedian Lee Evans is on tour with his new show
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Every Christmas, without fail, my family and I put on a Lee Evans DVD and watch it together.

I don’t know why we do this but it’s something we’ve done for the past goodness-knows how many years.

It started at my auntie Sharon and uncle Nigel’s house when the comedian’s sketch show was being broadcast live on TV.

There we all were, stuffed out on the couch after Sharon’s legendary Christmas day buffet, making our bellies hurt even more by laughing so hard.

This week I got to see the real thing.And Evans didn’t disappoint.

My boyfriend Matt surprised me by buying us front row tickets to watch him live in action at the Bournemouth International Centre and he was absolutely amazing.

We went on opening night so were the first to see his brand new comedy sketches.

Evans is renowned for a few things – first and foremost his incredible ability to turn the everyday things we all do into marvellous sketches.

Secondly, he’s famous for his nervousness – the moment he walked out on the stage he looked like a rabbit in headlights and declared to the enormous crowd that he was very nervous indeed.

Thirdly he’s famed for that laugh – a nervous laugh that he has throughout his career.

And lastly we all know and love him for sweating profusely. The night we went he soaked the crowd.

Yep, we all got a bit of Evans’s sweat.

You see the crowd loved him and we all gave him a standing ovation – twice – and he was so humbled by it that he encouraged everyone to go to the front of the stage and shake his hand.

We did and got covered in the sweat dripping off him but it was so worth it.

I fell in love with him, he’s so cute, so humble, so very charming and above all so very funny.

His set was incredible – it didn’t disappoint and if you get the opportunity to see him live I’d strongly recommend it.

As for the rest of my family, well I guess we’ll be watching him again this Christmas.

This time though I can say I saw the real deal.