Furniture gets me in a muddle

COMMENT: University has to prove it offers value for money

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In an ideal world, any furniture I purchase will arrive at my house already assembled and the delivery driver will carry it to the exact spot where it will live forever.

Of course, that would be far too easy and, anyway, most items of furniture like that are usually hand-crafted or antique and very expensive.

I’m just not a fan of flat-pack furniture. I always seem to get the one box in the batch that has the all-important screw that holds the whole thing together missing. And don’t even get me started on the instructions because they are always guaranteed to leave me even more confused.

But it was time to upgrade Caitlin to a regular single bed and, as expected, it arrived flat-packed.

As the man of the house and now a dad, I feel it falls to me to try and fit all the pieces together.

Luckily, on this occasion, it was actually quite easy and nothing was missing.

I made sure every screw was fitted tightly as Caitlin thinks it is a multi-purpose item – a bed and bouncy castle all rolled into one.