Gary Barlow wants a new direction for Take That

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Gary Barlow has warned Take That fans to expect a new direction from the band on its next album. He said he’s been influenced by music around the world during his travels to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. He also revealed that he wasn’t fazed when asked to organise the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace, as he wanted to make it ‘the people’s concert’. With Sir Tom Jones, Sir Cliff Richard and Dame Shirley Bassey headlining, shouldn’t it be ‘the old people’s concert?’

* Kelly Clarkson said her boyfriend makes her so happy that it’s ‘ruining her creativity’ because she can no longer write sad songs. Celebrities! They can even whine about being happy. She should try being in a relationship with me, before we were done she’d have a whole blues album recorded.

* Professor Green is said to be on the verge of launching his own lager which is a whopping 5.9 per cent proof. But surely some other pop legends have missed a trick here when you consider there are so many beers on the market that they could have had something to do with. I like the sound of Cheryl Kronenbourg, Dave Grolsch and The Four Lager Tops!

* Jessie J has told fans who’ve bought tickets for her shows this year ‘Hope you all know I’m gonna work so hard to make it amazing’. Mind you, she said that about The Voice! Tickets for the three concerts this summer sold out in an hour. Just think how much quicker they’d have sold out if she’d held an Olympic torch to publicise herself like The Voice co-judge Will-i-am?

* Lana Del Rey’s songwriter Justin Parker wants to work with Adele. He co-wrote Lana’s first ever hit, Video Games. And there was me hoping for some more uplifting offerings from Adele in the near future.

* And, finally this week, our One Direction update. The boys have now gone double-platinum by selling more than two million copies of their debut single in the US. Thanks to the way Simon Cowell wrote their contract this means the lads now have enough money to buy a copy of the single themselves.

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