Gary’s the perfect host, but shouldn’t he do more work?

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Rick Jackson

Famous as England’s record goalscorer and with an impressive career with Leicester City, Everton, Barcelona and Tottenham, he is now the face of BBC football as the main host of Match of the Day.

He follows in a long line of great hosts, including former footballer Jimmy Hill, David Coleman and the smoothest silver fox of them all, Des Lynam.

I’m a massive fan of the programme and think Gary is the perfect host. But for a reputed £1.5m a year, I’d like him to work a bit more.

MOTD is on twice a week, so he has his week free, yet on Sunday it’s Mark Chapman hosting. Would Gary expire if he hosted two shows a week?

Then again, how else would his 54-year-old skin look so good?

Is that your secret to eternal youth, Gary? Working one day a week?

At the weekend, we all enjoyed some fabulous FA Cup action, yet Gary was only available for the Monday evening live game featuring Manchester United at Preston North End.

Was he busy getting some beauty sleep for the previous nine days since his last appearance?

I’m sure Gabby Logan doesn’t mind, as she seems to work even less than he does. But then I’m also sure her money isn’t quite up in the same stratosphere as Gary’s.

Let me say it again. I love the show and Gary as its host.

The BBC commentary is spot-on and the punditry is precise and compelling without being over-egged.

But surely Gary could make it to the Salford studios more often?

As we know from the recent Sky and BT deal with the Premier League for the live TV rights, football in the UK is big, big business.

The BBC has thankfully won the rights for the weekend highlights package once again, despite a threat from ITV.

But with all that money spent, surely Gary’s wages from our licence fee can go towards him working for more than one day a week?

Who does he think he is, Graham Norton?