Gentlemen, there is light at the end of televisual tunnel

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The battle for the remote control in the Jackson household has taken a new twist. There is a new culprit in our televisual disharmony and it’s called the Discovery Channel.

Whilst my other half loves EastEnders, X Factor and Gok Wan, I find myself looking to the stars for salvation. My weekly fix of Match of the Day is simply not enough.

But now, those channels farther up the ‘dial’ have come to my rescue with their unique charm and appeal.

I thought I’d share them with you to delight the men and terrify you ladies!

The perfect antidote to that vile show The Only Way Is Essex is undoubtedly Wheeler Dealers.

This is a programme where used car salesman Mike Brewer buys a banger, then his mechanic Edd China restores it. We follow the whole process until the motor is finished and Mike sells it for a profit.

Have you seen Man vs Food? This is an American show hosted by Adam Richman where he travels all over the States visiiting the finest ‘chow-down’ eateries.

You salivate when you see what they do to the meats, then fear for his arteries as he takes on another mammoth eating challenge.

Another favourite is Deadliest Catch, following the lives of king crab fisherman in Alaska.

These men have what is statistically the world’s most dangerous job. Fierce storms, mountainous seas and sub-zero temperatures greet these men, who work up to 36 hours at a time over a two-month period, then walk away with a $70,000 pay cheque.

So gentleman, there is a light at the end of the televisual tunnel. All this is real reality TV.

I had to watch the Wedding Channel the other night and things took a turn for the worse when Jersey Shore came on.

Well, revenge is now sweet. The old argument of ‘all you like is football and you know how much I hate it’ is no longer relevant.

So now, after more misery in Albert Square, we switch over to watch Edd lovingly restore a 1967 VW Beetle, followed by a double bill of Family Guy.