Get a flash Ferrari? No, I’d buy the Spirit of Gosport

Surely, holding a door open for a member of either sex is just good manners?

LESLEY KEATING: Would you dare hold a door open for a woman?

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My radio alarm went off in time for the 7.30am news on Saturday morning and the headline was that the £101m Euromillions jackpot winner was from the UK.

I skipped out of bed with the knowledge that in my wallet was a ticket that could well change my life and those of a few people around me.

I headed off to work, sharing the good news with my listeners that I had an unchecked lottery ticket on my person.

But what if it really was the winning ticket? Would people come to the radio station trying to break in and steal it from me? I locked the doors.

As I went for a run, I started to daydream. Have you done this one? What would you do with the money?

The eventual winners, Dave and Angela Dawes, went public and told us that they would make 20 of their friends millionaires. Would you do that? No, neither would I!

With my £101m, I would certainly pay off friends and families’ mortgages. I would also like to put friends’ kids through private education and set up a trust fund for them.

As I continued to run, my pace quickened and I forgot the pain as adrenalin continued to pump at my hope of good fortune.

Yes I would buy us a modest house but would stay in this area. I was thinking Goodwood House maybe? Oh, Wymering Manor then!

But each multi-millionaire needs something to do with their money. Some buy football clubs, some build property, some open shops. I, on the other hand, would buy a ferry company!

Yes, you heard correctly. To keep me busy I would buy the Gosport ferry back from its owners in the Falkland Islands. Then I’d give the staff a pay rise and make the service free at weekends.

Who needs a flash Ferrari or Aston Martin when you own Spirit of Gosport?

All this daydreaming meant that I missed a turning on my run and ended up doing an extra mile as I cruelly passed a kebab shop and an Indian takeaway.

Salivating, I ripped up my ticket in disgust and tucked into a Chicken tikka balti. Some pleasures don’t cost the earth you know!