Get litter louts to do a shift picking up beach rubbish

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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It’s a shame that some utter pinheads are too lazy to place their rubbish in the bin after they’ve had a good time on the beach – even though the gap between bins is equivalent to the average human’s arm span.

The fine for dropping litter is £80, although I’ve never seen a patrol or a person getting ‘pinched’ for their crime.

How about this. Rather than the red tape and bureaucracy of fines, the offender has to work a day-long shift picking up litter on the beach at the weekend, in a hi-vis suit, emblazoned with ‘Bin Idle’ on the back?

Sweat cascading down their brow, battered pride and grubby hands would serve as a powerful deterrent to other wannabe litter louts.