Get real and consider the benefits of cloth nappies

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This week is Real Nappy Week with the theme of ‘Real Nappies...Real Change’ to inspire a new generation of parents to make the change and look at the benefits of using real nappies.

I didn’t actually use real nappies myself, although I wish I had.

At the time it seemed like there was so much to think about and that using cloth nappies would just complicate things and cause me more work.

And then there were all my naive yet commonly-held misconceptions about cloth nappies – the main contenders being the fear of lingering smells in the wash bin, dealing with getting rid of the poo and accidently jabbing my baby in the bum with a safety pin!

Now that I know a lot more about them – albeit seven years too late – I can see how misguided I was.

In comparison with their uneconomical and environmentally-detrimental disposable cousins, it seems cloth nappies are actually the easier option. Who knew?

There’s no chance of poking your baby with a safety pin because cloth nappies use Velcro just like disposable ones (did I think we were still living in the 1950s?!)

As it turns out, it is much smellier having week-old baby poop hanging around in your dustbin than it is flushing it down the toilet and, unsurprisingly perhaps, I had to deal with the poo anyway, no matter what kind of nappies I used!

As one mum told me, cloth nappies have come a long way since the days of boiling terry towelling and rubber pants.

If you are able to get past your reservations, it’s worth finding out how using cloth nappies can benefit you, your time and your purse.

And these days, both time and money are commodities that none of us can afford to throw away.

A great piece of information I got from another mum is that UV light from the sun – even on a cloudy day and from inside a window – has the magical ability to get rid of the majority of stains on cloth nappies.

In the middle of summer 
(yes, even our summers) sometimes they only need an hour on the washing line to lessen really stubborn stains.

For Real Nappy Week this year you can join in by taking part in The Great Cloth Diaper Change this Saturday at 11am local time and be part of a world record-breaking attempt for the most nappies changed simultaneously.

On Sunday you can join in with Real Clean and hang a chain of washing up in your garden, as others will do up and down the country.

There are loads of events taking place across the country this week where you can meet people who use real nappies and get great advice

You can also take a look at the website for details of the new chooser tool to help you choose which nappy is right for you, as well as apply for trial kits online, speak to advisors and take advantage of special offers and prizes.