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RICK JACKSON: Girl power rules – at the age of two

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This week I’ve stumbled across a sprung-loaded parenting miracle!

Like most children at five-years-old, my daughter Molly is excitable, energetic, a little bit nutty and rightly so.

That’s great for the child. But for us it’s about constantly searching for some form of entertainment that will keep the kids engaged, safe and burn off some of that relentless energy.

I’ve found the answer – the humble trampoline!

Since buying one, I’ve barely see her. She’s literally taken up residence on the contraption.

Even the rain doesn’t deter Molly.

The trampoline may have engulfed most of the garden, but the fact is it works on many levels.

She’s outdoors, keeping fit and enjoying herself.

I’m indoors, keeping fat and enjoying myself. Everyone is happy.

Once summer really kicks in, I’m looking forward to having a go myself.

I was brilliant in my day. But, thinking about it, that was 31 years ago and I was a little less voluminous….ie: 13 stone lighter.