Getting away from it all in space might be the answer

Space travel will be commonplace in 30 years '“for £7,000 you'll be blasted to the International Space Station for the holiday of a lifetime.

Saturday, 19th March 2016, 6:01 am
The International Space Station

After initially being frightened of travelling in a rocket, I think I’m coming around to the idea of space holidays.

Today’s holidays can be very stressful occasions. If it’s a staycation, chances are the British weather will wreak havoc and you’ll probably spend hours stuck in massive traffic jams.

Foreign holidays also come with certain stresses.

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Normally you turn up at the airport to discover your flight has a six-hour delay, then once on board you spend three hours sitting next to a screaming child.

Finally, when you arrive at your Mediterranean resort you discover your self-catering apartment is underneath a nightclub.

Space holidays would be very peaceful as there’s nothing up there. Nobody would nick the last available lounger because there are no other people.

I find people stress me out on a frequent basis, so being on my own up in space might be the way forward.

Lou: I’ve got a few concerns about space travel.

Yes there’s the whole safety side of things to worry about, but what about the logistics?

For example, what’s the baggage allowance?

In space everything’s weightless, so does that mean we can take whatever we want?

Also, will we need passports?

Obviously we’ll be leaving UK territory, which normally means going through immigration control.

But who’ll be in charge of that kind of thing when you get to space?

These days people like to keep their friends and family back home constantly updated on how their holiday is going with photos of palm trees, white beaches and cocktails.

But will there be huge data roaming charges out in space? Or is it cheaper because you’re closer to the satellites?

It’s a minefield if you ask me, so I’ll be sticking to a nice city break in Europe for now, thank you very much.


I’ve finally found out the answer to the age-old question of whether you should keep ketchup in the fridge.

Ten years ago it wasn’t necessary as ketchup contained a lot more salt, but now you need to keep it cool.

You’re also supposed to keep nuts in the fridge! I know, seems bizarre doesn’t it? But apparently the oils in the nuts can go rancid if exposed to too much heat or light.

I was equally surprised to find out that an open bottle of red wine should be kept in the fridge.

Everyone knows that red wine is kept at room temperature, right?

But it turns out that keeping it in the fridge once it’s open slows the oxidation process, which results in it turning to vinegar.


Last week it was my daughter’s ninth birthday party and something happened to make me feel like the worst dad on the planet.

My daughter had asked for an Xbox 360 and a television. I decided to buy a secondhand Xbox from a high street electrical store which specialises in re-conditioned machines.

She excitedly showed off her presents to her friends and began playing Minecraft, but after about 15 minutes it randomly switched off.

I switched the plug off and on, but the same thing happened again after another 15 minutes.

It was faulty and I felt so guilty as my penny-pinching plan to buy used had backfired.

My daughter was so upset, but luckily the shop agreed to exchange it for another one and all is well!