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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I’m superexcited about the upcoming festivities.

That’s probably because I’m flying off to New York next week!

We’re going to the Big Apple for the fifth time, but this time around my mum and her friend are coming along so Matt and I have to play at being tour guides.,

They’re not going to know what’s hit them. New York is simply the most amazing place on earth.

I don’t know why I love New York so much and yet am not that fond of London.

They’re both big cities, but there’s something special about New York and anyone who’s been usually agrees – especially at this time of year.

I remember the last time Matt and I went around Christmas, I was ice skating in Bryant Park and Michael Buble’s Christmas album was playing through the loudspeakers.

Then it started to snow. I mean, seriously? These things only happen in the movies, don’t they?

Well they were very real that day and it was unforgettable.

I cannot wait to get on that plane. I’ve already got the Christmas buzz, which kicked off last weekend when Matt and I went for dinner at the Italian Bar and Grill in Southsea.

An ‘acquaintance’ of mine who’s now become a friend is the chef there – his name is Jordan Thompson – and I have been promising we’d go in for a meal ever since the summer when he took part in a filming gig for an international TV channel I was working for.

When we arrived Jordan had put a bottle of Prosecco on our table (he knows how to win me over, hehe) and the food was so delicious we ordered a starter each, a bowl of nachos (which were quite literally the best we’ve ever had and I’m not even joking) and a main.

I couldn’t eat all this because I was so full, so Jordan packed it up in a box for me to take home.

My Matt and Jordan hit it off straight away, as I knew they would, and we ended up next door in the little pub –the Hole In The Wall – which is like stepping back in time.

We loved it and our time there was a great start to the big build-up to our American trip.