Getting young people driving will benefit all on the road

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Getting behind the wheel can be dangerous, as anyone who regularly drives will know.

Whether it’s tailgaters or middle-lane hoggers on the M27 that prove both a distraction and a risk, or the all-too-familiar stories of people who have tragically lost their lives in accidents, the potential for danger is familiar to all of us.

As the statistics show, it’s often young drivers who find themselves caught up in these incidents, whether through their own actions or not.

Which is why we welcome an innovative scheme at Warblington School, which gives under-age drivers a chance to get behind the wheel.

Thanks to a donation of £1,500 from Cllr Ray Bolton, the youngsters were able to legally drive within the school’s grounds.

The aim of the day was to give them a taster of the basics of driving.

As one of the pupils said: ‘I think I will be better prepared for driving in the real world.’

That’s certainly true.

The earlier young people can be introduced to driving in safe and controlled conditions, the better.

It can only make them safer drivers in the long run, more skilled and less likely to make rash decisions on the road that could cost them, or other drivers, dear.

Understandably, the pupils may have felt a little anxious at first.

But the experience is one they’ll all remember and will form the first step on their path to getting a full licence in the coming year.

This is not the first time a scheme such as this has been tried at schools and it won’t be the last.

We can only hope that everyone involved reaps intended benefit.

Namely, more confident young drivers, fewer accidents and safer roads for all of us.