Ghetto blaster’s LED lights made it look just like KITT

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What will you be doing on Christmas Day? I do hope you have company and that you are with the ones you love.

If not, I’ll be on the radio in the evening, up against Downton Abbey – so I expect the phones to be quiet!

This year, Mrs Jackson and I will be having a very quiet one. No hectic trip to the Isle of Wight or a busy Christmas dinner with her folks.

Nope, it will be just us and the dogs this year.

But how does your day pan out? Is it presents around the tree as soon as you wake up, or do you like to keep the anticipation going until after Christmas dinner?

Growing up, I remember almost bursting with excitement when popping downstairs very early one Christmas morning.

It was still dark, but Santa had already been as I spotted a large box, in bright wrapping paper, that was not there the day before.

You couldn’t stop me. At 7am I was bouncing up and down on my bed, waking everyone up, desperate to get on with things. I heard mum shout back that this was no way for a 29-year-old to behave.

Only joking. It was Christmas 1984 and in the box was a radio cassette ‘ghetto blaster’ with accompanying red LED level indicators which made it look like the KITT car in Knightrider!

In more recent years, I’ve taken my folks out for a wonderful pub lunch. By the time we return at 3pm it’s present-opening time, after Her Majesty has addressed us, obviously.

I’ve found that it’s a great way to make the day last longer.

This year, even though we’re staying at home, my wife has said she wants us to dress smart.

Along with all the trimmings, out will come the special Christmas crockery she has bought. Good grief!

I expect I’ll be banned from the kitchen until the bird is ready for the man of the house to come in and carve. But can I trust Harvey the dog to behave himself and not grab it off the plate?

And I wonder how well it’ll go down if I ask to pop off to the pub whilst all hell is breaking loose in the kitchen?

Happy Christmas!