Girls’ pageants are just creepy

All glammed up
All glammed up
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It’s widely recognised that, whatever the latest craze is in the USA, it will eventually cross the pond and land on the shores of the UK.

And right now a schmaltzy American event is heading our way. I’m talking about beauty pageants for very young girls.

I find it really creepy that mothers allow their daughters, some as young as seven, to compete.

The children are fully made-up, complete with false eyelashes, bouffant hair, high-heeled shoes and evening gowns.

I just get very uncomfortable watching them strut and pout. To me, they look like painted sex dolls.

Recently I was reading about five-year-old Suri Cruise (daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), who would not leave the house without make-up and has a £2m designer wardrobe.

Suri’s parents are Scientologists and part of the doctrine of The Church of Scientology is that they ‘treat kids as if they are individuals capable of making their own decisions’.

According to the religion’s founder, L Ron Hubbard, ‘the human body is a vessel for alien spirits. Children therefore, are vessels for these aliens and so there is no reason to treat them any differently from adults’.

What a load of old extra-terrestial hogwash, dear.

And now, on to something quintessentially British – allotments, potting plants and green wellies.

On Easter Monday Suzette Sublime and myself were sashaying along Southsea promenade. Just past South Parade Pier we both stopped and said in surprise: ‘Oooh, what’s that little red and white striped hut?’

Well folks, it’s The Southsea Greenhouse, full of locally-grown vegetables and bedding plants. What a brill idea.

It’s a co-operative with a lot of the produce supplied by The Shaw Trust, Beneficial Foundation and the Art Space garden.

During the summer they’re hoping to add art for sale and do art workshops.

So let’s support ’em. Their stripey hut brightens up the promenade and the money they raise will help local organisations.