Girls’ split is a reminder that bands don’t seem to last long

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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It’s confirmed – Girls Aloud are officially splitting up.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that they’ve already done that once, back in 2008 when they went on a ‘break’. But apparently that’s all it was, a break.

Now, they’ve officially split after finishing their last gig in Liverpool to commemorate a decade of being together.

I think it’s quite sad really. I don’t know why because I’ve never been a huge fan, but I thought they did girly pop music quite well.

I guess my sadness is because bands never seem to last very long.

Don’t get me wrong, 10 years committing to anything is quite an achievement, let alone 10 years of being in a famous girl band with all those pressures.

But they’ve split in the end. Good luck to them.