Girls, you’ll pay for those heels

Kerry Katona teetered into the Celebrity Big Brother house
Kerry Katona teetered into the Celebrity Big Brother house
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Would silver screen siren Marilyn Monroe ever have achieved her scrumptiously sexy wiggle without them? I’m talking about high heels folks.

But in recent years the high heel has gone through the roof.

We’ve gone from manageable three to four inch heels to skyscraper six inch heels, many with ugly thick platform soles.

As the savvy sisterhood know, high heels make a good pair of pins look even lovelier and leave many a red-blooded leg man bedazzled.

But in many cases, most women can’t keep their balance in these massive heels.

Last week I thought I’d take a peak at Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother and check out what the female celebrities were wearing.

Kerry Katona, Tara Reid, Pamela Bach and Amy Childs all wore fabulous frocks and stratospheric high heels.

As they made their entrance down the long catwalk to the Big Brother house, the women shuffled and teetered precariously on their high heels. They looked ridiculous darlings.

It reminded me of foot binding, that old practice they used to favour in China because in their culture, dainty feet were considered very attractive.

Eventually in later life those who’d had it done to them ended up with horribly deformed feet.

Do you remember folks, at the Royal wedding in May seeing a six months pregnant Victoria Beckham in towering high heels?

Well it appears this may not have been a sensible idea.

Perhaps from ignoring advice about not wearing high heels in the later stages of pregnancy, Mrs Beckham has apparently slipped a disc.

And with Posh about to showcase her spring/summer 2012 collection at New York Fashion Week, she is desperately searching for glamorous flat shoes.

Ladies, six inch heels now, bunions, back ache, and frumpy shoes later.

Believe me, I know.

Having worn high heels for 35 years, I ended up with a twisted pelvis, and now have to wear flat shoes...yuksville!