Give some time to a ‘silver solo’

Splitting up when you are an OAP can be hard
Splitting up when you are an OAP can be hard

Vital to plan together in case disaster should strike

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First there were ‘silver surfers’, the tag for golden oldies using their computers.

Now we have a boom in ‘silver separations’ in the UK. Sounds like the wrinklies have curdled to me, dear.

But no. It appears our OAPs are separating from their wives and husbands, with divorce rates rising in the over-60s.

Once retired and at home together 24/7, a lot of couples discover they have little in common with each other, become bored and want to escape.

In an amicable break-up it gives both partners an opportunity for a new lease of life, where they each can follow their dreams, travel, take up new hobbies, sports etc.

But in a ‘dumped’ divorce, where one partner wants the marriage to continue but the other doesn’t, the pensioner left behind (used to company) can experience extreme loneliness.

And, as we know, loneliness can be fatal.

As we approach the festive season it has always been widely recognised as the time of the highest risk of suicide.

Yes, I’m a happy little so-and-so, aren’t I?

All I’m saying is if you know of an elderly person who will be on their own this Christmas, try and give them some time, or even invite them over for some nosh. Because one day it might be you.

Anyway, I found an old article about a 1936 book for females on how to survive singledom called Live Alone And Like It by Marjorie Hills.

Before I started reading, I thought ‘Oh this is going to be dated and not relevant to modern life’.

Some was, but most wasn’t. It’s the same advice as now. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get your act together, go out and find activities and make new friends.

Most of all, enjoy being single.

To me, the very best part of singledom is having the bed all to yourself.

Ladies, no tugging to get some of the duvet hogged by hubby.

And fellas, you can snore, belch, and bottomburp to your heart’s content.

Bliss, eh?