Giving up a moment of your time can save a life

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It’s truly heart-warming to hear what Lyndsay and Phil Leggatt did in order to save lives.

With the love and support of their friends, the couple turned a tragic event into a way to help others.

After suffering an ectopic pregnancy, Mrs Leggatt faced a trauma it’s almost impossible to imagine. As well as losing her baby, she came close to death herself.

She has a blood transfusion to thank for saving her life – and that was only possible because people she will never know or meet gave up half-an-hour of their time to do something good for a stranger.

Even in their darkest moments, the Leggatts could understand the significance of that fact.

And we salute them for deciding to do something positive by turning their grief into an opportunity to raise awareness about blood donation.

By organising their own blood donor session, they managed to collect 11 pints of the red stuff and that could mean more lives will be saved in the future.

They also raised £1,345 for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and that money will ultimately be used to try and spare other couples from the pain they’ve been through.

What they’ve done is just another example of the power of human kindness and the good things we can achieve by putting others above our own needs.

Giving blood doesn’t take long. It’s not arduous or painful and it’s something that most of us could do if we put our minds to it.

We know that this summer’s sporting events are there to be enjoyed. Many of us will settle down to watch England play in this weekend’s Euro 2012 quarter-finals, Wimbledon starts on Monday and we have the Olympics to look forward to next month.

But the fact of the matter is that blood supplies run low whenever the sporting calendar gets busy.

It’s all too easy for us to become distracted by the many events going on that we simply forget that life – and death – also carries on around us.

The Leggatts have shown us how important it is to do whatever we can. Your time could save a life and nothing is more important than that.