Glad I stayed in good old Pompey

Actor John Cleese
Actor John Cleese
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Oh blimey. Actor John Cleese of Monty Python/Fawlty Towers fame has really put his big foot in it.

On a recent visit to London from his home in California, USA, Mr Cleese had a right old toot that London is no longer an English city.

He felt there are now so many ‘foreigners’ in the capital that the parent culture (us English-speaking Brits) has been dissipated.

Ooer Mr Cleese, don’t you know you’ve just made a big booboo?

You’ve got to understand that in today’s UK we embrace multiculturalism, though at times I doubt our own command of the Queen’s English.

Because on many occasions we have to repeat ourselves three or four times to shop assistants/restaurant staff/bus drivers etc, who only have a minimum amount of the English language.

But here’s the rub Mr C.

It’s no good the parent culture moaning about it, because ‘foreigners’ take the service sector and low-paid jobs that the Brits won’t – much better on benefit, dear.

I do object that John Cleese knocks the UK, where he initially made his money, and now lives in America.

Years ago I knew a woman who went off to live in the USA. A few years later she returned for a six-week holiday in the UK and spent the whole time telling me and anyone who would listen to her how fabulous the US of A was and how rubbish good old Blighty was.

Funny though, throughout her visit she went to oodles of medical appointments.

Mmmm, obviously our FREE NHS is better than the expensive USA medical care system.

In the 1990s hubby and me were going to move to Jacksonville, Florida. We were in the classic car trade then.

The property there was fantastic an the weather glorious.

And, as you know if you’ve been on holiday in America, the Americans love the English accent

But it didn’t happen and I’m glad that I stayed in good old Pompey.