Go on, why don’t you try a Facebook-free week?

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Verity Lush is a 37-year-old mum-of-two who lives in Portsmouth.

She is a tutor in philosophy, English and maths and has written a book for newly-qualified teachers, plus textbooks and articles for teaching magazines and supplements.

Facebook is a funny old thing, isn’t it?

We plaster it with pictures of our families and our lives, so that other people may tear them mentally and verbally to shreds.

It seems that should you dare to share too many photos of your relatives, especially if they appear to be having anything that closely resembles fun, then you will be accused of smugness.

Conversely, I have noticed women moaning about their mates ‘loving themselves’, simply because said mate shares a photo in which they do not look like a box of frogs.

The daft thing of course, is that very few of us tend to get our cameras out just as we’re having our great aunt’s life support switched off. It’s just not a Kodak moment.

Similarly, no-one reaches for the camera when their baby produces the kind of poo that escapes their nappy, drenches their vest and soaks through their skull.

The purpose of photos, surely, is to capture particular moments – ones that we wish to be reminded of.

And even if you were warped enough to take a picture of your nearest and dearest splattered in poo and at the end of their tether, then surely people wouldn’t want to see it?

Or would they?

Do people in fact wish to see you at your stressed, most miserable, wretched, worst?

I fear the answer is yes – because it’s going to make them feel better about their own lives.

It’s the social networking equivalent of watching EastEnders.

It often seems to me that we are becoming a nation of spying meanies. We sit with our faces behind glowing screens and spy on real life.

And then, when a person posts something that hints at happiness, we wee all over it.

‘Smug!’ we declare. ‘Thinks they’ve got a perfect life!’

The irony therefore, is that it’s the spying meanie who is actually declaring your life to be perfect.

All you’ve done is posted a photo of something positive. You swine, you.

For myriad reasons, it is a rare day that I scroll through a newsfeed any more.

Each Tuesday, I post my column on the Lushnessblog page.

But since I had a Facebook-Free holiday last year, I have deleted the app from my phone and maintained a distance.

It’s rather retro, I know, but also rather refreshing. I dare you to spend a week with not a Facebook peek.

Go on, try it. You might like it.