Going ‘nude’ is so unflattering

Halle Berry
Halle Berry
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Well folks, if you want to be on trend this year, go ‘nude’.

According to the fashionistas reporting on the glam and glitz on the red carpet at the Oscars, ‘nude’ will be the colour to be seen in this season.

Yes of course Halle Berry looked simply scrumptious in her ‘nude’ dress, but then she is beautiful with darker skin.

Some of her paler-skinned actress sisters looked decidedly ‘beige’ in their frocks.

Of course all the dopey dedicated followers of fashion will be wearing ‘nude’.

It will not matter a jot to them that the colour is extremely unflattering.

And that the fuller-figured ladies of a certain age will look like they’ve squeezed all their bodies into their surgical stockings, dear.

Of course it’s always tempting to wear the latest fashions, especially when one is getting on and trying to look hip and trendy with oodles of street cred.

But at what cost? Most times the more mature woman ends up looking like mutton dressed up as lamb.

There is such a chioce of fashions on the High Street and, as Coco Chanel said: ‘Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise,’

You can dress up an outfit with classy costume jewellery, now rebranded in yoofspeak as bling bling.

Another fashion trend this season is clashing floral prints all worn together.

I don’t think so. One doesn’t want to end up looking like charity shop chic or a herbaceous border, dear.

And finally...

If our prime minister David Cameron wants to see his concept of the’ Big Society’ working, then he should have tootled on down to Southsea Community Centre last Saturday.

It was the annual open day and the staff had put on activities to watch or join in.

The centre was full of families, youngsters and the golden oldies all enjoying themselves.

You should support your local community centre – you’d be surprised at the activities on offer.