Going to watch Frozen with blue lips and icy fingers

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So there I was, stood at Fareham station in the midst of winter at the unearthly hour of 7am, lips turning blue and fingers like icicles.

Why hadn’t I worn thermals and remembered my gloves? And anyway, isn’t showtime meant to be in the evening?

That’s what I thought as I made my way to the Kings Theatre in Southsea to work at two showings of the aptly-named hit movie Frozen.

By 9am and somewhat thawed after a few strong lattes and a bottom-warming on the staffroom radiator, I was ready for the ardent young fans pouring through the doors.

There was row upon row of pint-sized Queen Elsas in pretty blue dresses, some with the blonde plait to match and a glistening crown in place.

There were quite a few Annas too and a smattering of Snowmen, mainly boys who wanted to get in on the act with their sisters.

Soon the auditorium filled up with an ocean of vivid turquoise and excited loud chatter.

To me it all felt quite surreal. I’d only recently seen the movie for the first time.

I have to say that, although I’m not a big Disney fan, I really loved it.

Elsa isn’t your typical princess. She’s flawed and born with magical powers that she can’t control.

She means well, but causes harm to her sister. Seeing hundreds of mini Elsas in the theatre and far fewer Annas perplexed me, as surely Anna is the real heroine?

When you think about it, she’s the much stronger one who goes out in the snow to find a sister that hasn’t spoken to her in more than a decade.

She spends years alone and sad in the castle, with no-one to talk to and having to deal with the death of her parents.

It’s Anna who has strength and a love for others, even though her heart has been broken by Elsa and then by Hans, her first love who has betrayed her.

On top of that, she is slowly turning into ice and dying. But it all turns out okay in the end.

The movie wasn’t the real joy for me – it was seeing happy children singing their hearts out to Let It Go.

I only wish the rubbish pick-up afterwards could have been as much fun!