Golden Gals feel young at heart

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Even though myself and many of my girlie pals are in the twilight of our lives, we’re feisty, active old birds and want to be treated as such.

I enjoyed Monday’s News article ‘Zumba giving the over-50s a new way to stay active’.

Zumba Gold for the over-50s is a low-impact version of the Latin-inspired, high-energy fitness craze.

Well, as a 61-year-old Zumba instructor, I think Zumba Gold is a brilliant idea for the more mature beginner.

But months ago, when I mentioned Zumba Gold to my Golden Gals in their 50s, 60s and 70s, I got a resounding ‘no way’.

They added: ‘We want the challenge of rapping, body popping and bootie bumps, even if we can’t quite do them.’

We’ve even nicknamed the class ‘Zimmer Zumba Goddesses’. Go girls!