Golden moment made me teary

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There are some golden moments as a parent that really can melt your heart.

After a couple of gruelling weeks of family tag-team illness, we’ve started to come out the other side.

My son Jack is only one and hasn’t outwardly shown much affection yet.

But after a few days of a skin infection that gave him the look of a person who’d been sat behind a council gritter, he started to brighten up and smile.

When his sister returned to the house after being exiled to the grandparents for her own safety, he held out his Michelin man arms and pulled his sister in for a nice loving hug and a welcoming ahhhh.

It brought a little lump to my throat as I watched my two beautiful children actually show love for one another.

I approached him for similar treatment and was greeted by Jack’s trademark open-handed slap across the eyes.

It seems I have some work to do.