Good job voting is important, or else I just wouldn’t bother

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Last week I was asked if I wanted to go with someone to an election hustings in Portsmouth.

I had plans, but even if I hadn’t I think I’d rather have stuck pins in my eyes than go and see tit-for-tat petty arguments break out.

My friend, who asked me, was going, he said, because of the entertainment value.

I guess it’s a bit like the modern equivalent of taking a tour around Bedlam, or rubbernecking at a road accident.

Elections are not dignified – you only have to look at the mud being flung locally, nationally and at European level to see that.

And these are the people who are in charge of us.

It’s a good job voting is important – to keep the really bad ones out – or I’m not sure I’d bother with it all.