Good manners are important

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It’s really important to me that my children are brought up with good manners. My parents made sure that I minded my ‘Ps and Qs’ and I will do the same for Caitlin and Alyssa.

My constant prompting of Caitlin to say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ has worked a treat and she now offers up these polite words of courtesy without being asked.

On a recent shopping trip, the lady behind the checkout commented on what a polite little girl I had.

‘Job done,’ I thought. But good manners go far beyond saying nice words.

For example, after a recent unpleasant experience where Caitlin sneezed directly into my mouth, I’m currently trying to teach her the importance of covering her mouth.

She’s also learning not to demand my attention when I’m mid-sentence with somebody else by saying ‘Daddy’ over and over again.

Next on the list are table manners, in particular blowing bubbles into her drink with a straw.

I used to love doing it when I was young but now that sound drives me crazy.